About The XXth IAGA Workshop

We invite the community involved in geomagnetic field observations to attend the XXth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition and Processing to be held in Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, from 31 October to 06 November 2024. The main objective of this meeting is to organize Magnetic Observatory Practice and scientific sessions for professionals and students from all over the world who are engaged in the study of geomagnetism. Also, this workshop aims to be an opportunity to improve the situation concerning the definitive data production. At the XXth IAGA Workshop we emphasize the participation of students.

The XXth IAGA Workshop will consist of three parts: Comparison Measurements will be held at Vassouras Magnetic Observatory (VSS). The Scientific Sessions and Summer School will be held at the Bliss Hotel about 0.4 km from VSS.

The XXth IAGA Workshop will include the following topics:
- Updates on geomagnetic observatories and networks.
- Geomagnetic Observatory Practice and Data Processing.
- Geomagnetic Instrumentation.
- Geomagnetism and Applications (Magnetic Charts, Secular Variation, Space Weather, etc...).

Confirmed Summer school:
- Data preparation, data analysis and data checking in geomagnetism (By Roman Leonhardt)
- Data processing course (By Chris Turbitt)
- Development of high-resolution fluxgate sensors (By Luiz Benyosef)
- Geomagnetic repeatstation survey (By Emmanuel Nahayo)
- Magnetic stations for local indices at low and middle latitudes under the SAMA influence (By Clezio De Nardin)
- Proposal for an efficient magnetic calibration (By André Wiermann and Luiz Benyosef)

Application for financial support:
For financial support applications, problems regarding registration or any other questions, please contact the Organizing Committee at 20iagaworkshop@on.br.

Early registration is encouraged before July 15, 2024: US$300.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Luiz Benyosef - Chairman
Titular Researcher – Geomagnetism Group
Observatório Nacional - ON
Rua General José Cristino, 77
20921-400 Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Email: benyosef@on.br
Phone: +55(21)3504.9198 Mobile: +55(21)9.9188.4323

Dr. André Wiermann - Co-Chairman
Observatório Nacional - ON
Rua General José Cristino, 77
20921-400 Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Email: andrew@on.br
Phone +55(21)3504.9292 Mobile: +55(21)9.8828.5970